Nico Zappiello

About Nico Zappiello

Nico’s passion for shoemaking took hold when he was just a boy, growing up in the tiny Italian town of Montecatini, near Florence. By age 18, he was working at the local shoe factory, creating footwear from scratch as he mastered all phases of the craft. Soon after, he was collaborating with acclaimed designers like Armani, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Dolce & Gabbana, producing styles that found their way onto the feet of fashion models, Hollywood stars and everyday people who kept coming back for more.

In 2008, Nico began styling for American shoe companies and relocated to New York. By 2015, he was Design Director at Bruno Magli, where he helped invigorate the brand with new styles and constructions. Other career stops include managing creative design for Zac Posen and working for Aerosole, where he expanded the label beyond its comfort shoe niche and into styles with broader appeal.

Nico believes shoes should be wearable heirlooms, timeless pieces that endure as exquisite, comfortable accents in your life. He sees shoemaking as an architectural challenge, a puzzle with technical pieces that must fit together to be successfully solved. Nico’s shoes have appeared in motion pictures, on Paris runways and in the personal collections of celebrities. One thread connects all of his projects – the desire to provide his customers beautiful shoes worthy of love for a very long time.

“Footwear provides essential support for the body’s foundation. My passion is to create shoes that seduce you with style but never sacrifice comfort. That is my challenge.”